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We specialized in bridal jewellery.

Gold jewellery does not have to be boring. Integrated with stones and colours with enamelling, jewellery adds extra glamour to your look. Make your big day special with the intricate design of craftsmanship will win you over. The peacock design makes it traditional and trendy at the same time. India is famous worldwide for its jewellery and more importantly for its interest in jewellery. The fact that gold, silver, diamonds, rubies and other precious and valuable materials are not only seen as ornamentation but also as sound investments; especially gold. It means that jewellery plays a huge role in India.

This jewellery marks the fusion of different shapes of diamonds that are positioned so perfectly to give this jewellery piece a luscious look. Ruby is well matched with the diamonds that it sheers this bridal jewellery. Indian bridal jewellery grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs. However, the actual beauty of the jewellery piece lies much deeper and is considered as a blend of spiritual and cultural essence for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a women’s life.

This 22k gold jewellery is completely a traditional piece. The peacock design is made in a different way giving this jewellery a distinctive look. To be noticed, this neckpiece is not flat. It is dome-shaped which makes it dissimilar from others. The craftsmanship used is well prominent and the motifs used matches well with the neckpiece. The red, white and green colour stones used adds colour to the neckpiece making it tempting. Being light-weight, it can be worn on both small and big occasions.

The traditional jadau designs can never go out of fashion. This traditional jadau design with uncut diamonds or polki can be perfect for any special occasion. The enamelling work adds extra glamour and charm to this piece highlighting the polki even more. To be Note, the complete necklace does not consist of just enamelling work. In between the enamelling work, some stones are also used which is very prominent. The ruby used in the necklace makes it enchanting. Jadau jewellery is regal and suits any crossovers and Bollywood have ensured that jadau has found a place in the bridal heart. After all, every bride wants to look resplendent on her wedding day.

This symmetrical necklace with different types of shapes and tikra is a gorgeous design for a to-be bride. The floral tikra used makes it classy. This necklace piece is very traditional. The jadau stones and semi-precious stones add on elegance to the piece. The bell-shaped hanging with balls in necklace as well as in earrings makes it eye-catchy and attractive. It is crafted with different craftsmanship.

Prodigious, striking, conspicuous: The lavishness and elegance of Mahabir Jeweller’s style. From voluminous jewellery to singular jewels, scintillating, round cabochon-cut to optically adoring prominent gemstones, or to texturally contrast faceted stones, Mahabir Jeweller’s designers have modernised jewellery according to the taste and proclivity of the customers.

Beautifully handcrafted, this jewellery piece is exclusive and is incomparable from other jewellery. The floral designs used in this piece with different coloured semi-precious stones add on an enticement for a viewer’s eye. The different shape used in the piece creates enchantment. The solid gold used gives it a rich look. The baguette-shaped stone makes it different.

The floral design in the centre and at the end makes this necklace piece dissimilar from others. The net-like work made with small round shape diamonds intensifies the look of this piece. When every designer at Mahabir Jewellers works towards making women feel special, then you acquire a unique, exquisite piece of jewellery such as this. Exclusively designed for the timeless beauty. Precious stones are beautifully inlayed with floral inspirations, a stunning set that will make any woman feel like an eternal beauty.

Gold jewellery with the concoction of jadau stones and coloured stones is gratify to watch. This jewellery makes an Indian bride’s golden dream come true. The perfect combination of colours and jadau stone, the tikra used enhances the look of this jewellery piece. The earrings being equally attractive, it adds more charisma to this necklace set.